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Cool Running Software was created in 2004 by Olmsted Ice in Cleveland, Ohio. Since that time, the software has grown and evolved from a Client Server System to the new Cloud Server System.

Cool Running was created by a team of developers alongside experienced icemen to create a product that was made for the way an iceman likes to do business.

A tour of our product shows the many ways that an iceman’s influence has shaped the development of the software.

Why Choose Us?

Cool Running was developed to be affordable and easy to manage. There are no significant up front costs to get your company signed up to use the Cool Running Software. We offer a low monthly subscription that makes it affordable for a company of any size to use our product.

Cool Running truly is a CLOUD SERVER SYSTEM. You can access your company data from any device with data access!

Your data is safe and secure on Amazon’s web servers.

Our Advantages

  • Cool Running Cloud Server system provides easy software updates and easy access to your secured data on the Amazon web server.
  • Android App on Google Play makes it easy to download the software to any Android Device.
  • Low setup cost makes Cool Running Software affordable to all ice companies.
  • Experienced ice industry professionals to train your company on software use.

How It Works

Order Creation – Dispatch – Order Completion – Billing






Key Advantages

  • Low Setup Costs.
  • Low monthly subscription.
  • Cool Running App distributed and updated via Google Play.
  • Create sales from tablet or smartphone.
  • Send and receive information instantly via the Amazon Cloud.
  • Easy import of your daily sales to your accounting software.

Cool Implementation

Cool Running is a tool that modernizes your daily operations and sends sales to your current accounting software

Cool Integration

Integrate with leading software vendors such as IceQ, the Chest Volume Sensor System, and US Fleet Tracking

Cool Access

All Cool Running data is accessible via the Amazon Cloud on any device with web access

Cloud Sync sales with our web system.

Easy Imports for your accounting systems.

Easy Integration with US Fleet Tracking & ICEQ and the Ice Merchandiser sensor system.

Operations software By Olmstead Ice For Iceman Machines

Fill the gap between daily operations and accounting system.

Create Sale Inside Android App on your phone/tab.

Our Clients

Cool Running has partnered up with the IceQ team to stream their data about merchandiser levels to our routing system.

Cool Running can stream route information to the US Fleet Tracking maps so you can see your customer orders in relation to your open orders.

Cool Running has created a export feature that will send Co Packer Sales directly to the Home City Ice Servers.

Cool Running Software supports the import of daily sales receipts and invoices into Quickbooks Accounting Software! Contact us to import into your accounting system


Glacial Ice Barbados

We had searched for an electronic ticketing system for years but never had any luck finding an ideal web-based option. Our search ended when we discovered Tony and Cool Running cloud-based software! We now log in from any device, any time, any where—24/7. Cool Running allows us to track our delivery trucks, view customer data/history, or run any of the numerous reports Tony developed. Cool Running provides real-time information for our drivers, managers and customers—making it a vital part of our business. I cannot imagine going back to paper tickets!

Tiger Ice in Missouri

I struggled for 9 years doing daily paperwork and month end paperwork and invoices while my company was growing rapidly. I would spend hours and hours doing it all by hand and figuring out routes on pencil and paper until Tony and Cool Runnings came along. He was a life saver both with his software and personal guidance through his knowledge of many years in the ice industry. His cloud based software has been amazing in allowing me to do what used to take me several hours to now complete in a matter of minutes. Not only that, it ensures all of my billing is accurate and easy accessible at anytime, even when I’m at home or on the road from my phone! Most importantly, it has allowed for me to spend more time with my family as it has cut my office time by more than 80%! I researched many different types of software over the years to help me with my stresses and problems and once I saw what Cool Running had to offer I knew it was the best fit for my small company and affordable! Tony and his staff have been a major part of Celebration Ice’s growth and I look forward to working with them for many more years.

Mark Seibert , Celebration Ice, LLC

We’ve been using route invoicing software for over 12 years and have had great success with it.  It has saved us a lot of time.  When our previous system became limited and outdated, we started working with Tony and Cool Running a couple of years ago with our interest in his product being the new cloud-based format of Cool Running Software.  He spent quite a lot of time talking with us and getting us set up, but we ended up having to wait due to so many other things going on with us.  Once we were ready to pull the trigger, Tony was there for us again.  It took some work, but we got everything up and running and we LOVE it!  One thing we especially like is the cloud-based format.  We can spread our costs over time with a subscription instead of having to make a huge initial investment before we ever even got to “try things on” as they pertain to our business.  This is much more cost effective.  Another thing that is particularly useful is being able to access our data on the road or out of the office.  We can see where our delivery trucks have been during the day, update routes, manage merchandiser inventory and maintenance, and email invoices to customers all while in or out of the office.  Tony and his programmers are constantly integrating new features and updating the app to make Cool Running more useful and versatile for those of us in the ice business, and since Tony is in this industry as well, he has a good handle on what our needs are.  GPS mapping is integrated into the system, enabling drivers to switch to navigation on devices with access to the internet.  When updates are available, they’re automatically installed on all our mobile devices and desktop machines, making import into our accounting software a breeze.  If you haven’t already, I would HIGHLY recommend looking into Cool Running Software for your routing solution.

Jerry Burns, Owner J & K Delta Ice Service, LLC 870-735-1352

Cool Running has solved many problems with my growing small business. On paper, it was getting to the point of someone, four days a week, just simply loading data. So, far me the cost of a hired person, or especially, my cost, of doing that, being the owner, was one driving factor. Another factor was taking care of the mistakes employees make on adding and or, lost paper, or quite honestly, theft!

Tony and his team have been doing a great job over the past two years of doing business with him. they have been working hard and now the whole system is the “cloud”. That for me, has made life much easier. You can see in real time, deliveries being made, where people are, syncing in anywhere, intantly syncing with an internet connection, its beautiful!

Matthew Motz Jr., President Avalanche Ice

We are in our sixth year with Cool Running and have watched and experienced the program continuously develop over the years. We can access our system from anywhere in the world which makes off site management a possible task. The technical assistance received is always 110%. It’s safe to say that we are satisfied with the prouduct and service over the years and we are looking forward to a positive and successful future with Tony and Cool Running!

Justin St. John, Director of Operations , Glacial Ice Ltd. - Salters Plantation, Salters, Barbados

Ice Management Software

Cool Solutions For the Modern Iceman!

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