Cool Running Driver Training (Handheld)


How to install the app from Google Play.

Guest Login Feature

The Guest Function allows a user to access information
from the app without having to do the full log in process.

Icon Descriptions

An overview of the different icons and their functions
inside the app.

Daily Driver Procedure

The basic driver procedures from the daily sync, log In,
creation of sales, sync out and reconciliation.

GPS and Mapping Features

An explanation of how to access Google Maps from the
Cool Running Driver App.

Pre Order

An explanation of how the office can create a pre order for a
location and how the driver enters the pre order and creates a sale.

Loading Feature

The video gives directions on how one loader can load multiple truck
inventories or a single driver can load their own truck inventory.

Received on Account Feature

This video shows how a driver can receive money from the customer
that is to be applied to old invoices in accounting back at the office.

Asset Drop Off and Pick Up

This shows the user how to drop off or pick up assets
using the handheld device.

Geocoding Feature

See how the use of Geocodes can help direct drivers
and track driver performance while making a delivery.

Task Feature

This video is the “post it” function where the office or a driver can add a
note to a location so each driver can see a task that needs to be completed at a location.